Strike Force provides software solutions that substantially impact our clients top and bottom line incomes. Our solutions improve the core functionality of enterprise software with dramatic economic and competitive results for our customers. They can be implemented rapidly and at low cost, in contrast to most enterprise applications.

These already-proven customer results include:

  • Increase gross revenues 100%, Increase speed to market by 75%
    • Solution: StrikeGlobal
      Customer: Top 3 Database Provider
  • Eliminate $43 Billion in opportunity risk
    • Solution: StrikeTest;
      Customer: World’s Largest Fund Manager
  • Eliminate compliance risk and pass SAS70 audits 100%
    • Solution: StrikeTest, StrikeSys
      Customer: World’s Largest Fund Manager
  • Achieve less than 0.02% error on 400 SDLC release cycles
    • Solution: StrikeSDLC
      Customer: World’s Largest Fund Manager
  • Reduce IT expenses 80+% and increase net pre-tax margin by 9+%
    • Solution: StrikeGov
      Customer: Top 5 Ecommerce Retailer

Strike Force specializes in achieving results that are only possible with machine intelligence.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations of what is possible.


Strike Force Solutions is needed when failure's not an option for your company, they will do whatever it takes to succeed
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