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The Strike240 Solutions Suite is a methodology, set of templates, and a weighted scoring system which drives a deep dive due diligence assessment. This assessment focuses on a 240 point inspection of all aspects of an operational system to quantify its value and the gap between the current state and the intended business requirements.


  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by up to 70% through evaluation and selection of the correct Design, Architecture and Technology
  • Pass audits 100% through compliance Pre-Audit to identify and resolve exceptions before the official Audit
  • Save up to 90% of IT spending by selecting the correct Software, Technology, Service Provider or Consultancy Vendor up front
  • Avoid 50+% investment losses by Private Equity, Venture Capital, Angel or Institutional investors or merger partners
  • Evaluate vendor progress on outsourced system development to independently measure if it will be completed on time and within budget

Example Case Studies:

  • Top 10 Online Brokerage Firm
  • Top 5 Ecommerce Retailer

How This is Achieved:

  • The 240 point inspection provides you with the tools needed to assess the true health and maturity of the systems or those systems they are considering to purchase
  • This will include the current systems’ functionality, strengths and weaknesses
  • It will identify the true requirements of the business, including system lifetime, uptime, integrity and resilience expectations
  • This identifies the potential pitfalls that can impact your business and determines a more accurate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the lifetime of the project
  • This assessment includes a near-term emphasis on getting as much functionality as possible out of current state systems before needing an upgrade

The Strike240 Solutions Suite Includes:

  • Comprehensive questionnaires and an information request list
  • An audit compliance due diligence assessment report template
  • Detailed checklist of evidence verification techniques to measure and provide proof of findings
  • Detailed management recommendations template regarding all issues noted during the assessment
  • Gap Analysis Scorecard to accurately measure and quantify the size of the gap between requirement expectations and reality