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The StrikeAnalysis Solutions Suite is a set of dynamic tools and related framework training for documenting a company’s functional and non-functional needs. The framework gathers system requirements, documenting needs, and writes testable requirements and test cases. Certified project managers, business systems analysts, and testers with over 20 years of practical information technology experience developed StrikeAnalysis and its templates and processes based on industry standards. Our principals have successfully implemented the framework around the globe. Most importantly, it can be applied to any application, written in any language, and run on any technology, including embedded systems, PC, Linux, client/server, web based, mainframe, and others. The framework is based on IEEE standards and eliminates the cost of poor requirement remediation in later project stages. StrikeAnalysis provides clear, concise, and complete requirements and business analysis system diagrams and test cases. The result is cutting project development, testing and long term operational costs by up to 90%.


  • Decrease project development, testing and long term operational costs up to 90%
  • Increase system quality by 90%, before the testing phase
  • Leverage the 80/20 rule, 20% of your critical requirements can test 80% of functional requirements, speeding up time to market
  • Achieve defect prevention by integrating quality controls around the requirements gathering process and through integrating test case development earlier in the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Decrease the overall number of testing cycles
  • Simplify and clearly identify requirements impact of system maintenance changes

Example Case Studies:

  • Top 3 Financial Services Firm
  • Top 10 Manufacturing ERP Vendor

How This is Achieved:

  • Requirements Management Tool enables you to clearly document, maintain, and easily update the user requirements and all related non-functional/functional sub-requirements
  • Requirements Based Test Case Modeling Tool enables you to map core test cases, which must be run to meet the requirements and ensure testing the critical user requirements is complete
  • Training empowers your team to act as outsourced “internal” business systems analysts
  • Template Solutions Suite provides you and your clients the basic tools and methodology to gather functional and non-functional requirements, design the system, and clarify their needs

The StrikeAnalysis Solutions Suite Includes:

  • Comprehensive Business Analysis Templates; such as Gap Analysis, User and Functional Requirements, Use Case and Narrative Use Cases, Enterprise Business Diagram, Business Process Conceptual Model, Business Process Narratives, Swim-lane Process Diagram, and Design Specification Diagram Templates
  • Requirements Management Tool
  • Requirements Based Test Case Modeling Tool
  • Internal Audit Documentation Checklist Template
  • Training on Writing Testable Unambiguous Requirements, Requirements Based Testing, and Basic System Diagramming Techniques