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The StrikeAudit Solutions Suite is a set of tools and related compliance team training on how to use the framework to identify gaps in a company’s information technology, SAS70, SOX or other required audit preparedness. StrikeAudit is based on industry standards and all templates and processes were developed by certified information systems auditors with over 22 years of practical information technology experience. This framework has been successfully implemented around the globe and most importantly has taken companies formerly facing a qualified opinion to near perfect compliance. StrikeAudit enables a company with the assurance that compliance risks are identified upfront and remediated prior to an external auditor identifying them.


  • Decrease audit spending by up to 57%
  • Decrease audit findings by up to 80% in the first year
  • Allows management to have the necessary information to effectively manage and measure organizational compliance health
  • Introduces client personnel to SAS 70 or similar methodologies and operating procedures
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the current control structure are clearly communicated to the client, along with detailed recommendations for improvements.

Example Case Studies:

  • Top 3 Financial Services Firm
  • Top 3 Federal Telecommunications Company

How This is Achieved:

  • The scorecard provides dynamic reports to assess the true compliance health of their organization compared to original objectives.
  • The compliance and internal audit training empowers your people to go out an act as internal auditors; identifying compliance issues within an organization, making mitigation recommendations based on business risk, and guide your clients through the audit readiness process.
  • The templates provide you and your clients with the tools and methodology to address several of the core compliance areas for the long term. These templates enable SAS70, SOX and similar compliance to be a simple “plug-and-play” item.

The StrikeAudit Solutions Suite Includes:

  • Comprehensive questionnaires and an information request list
  • A SAS70 audit compliance assessment report template
  • Detailed management recommendations template regarding all issues noted during the assessment
  • Detailed project plan template for subsequent compliance projects to bridge identified control gaps
  • Compliance Scorecard, a harmonic mean mathematical scorecard to accurately predict the compliance and consistency level of a given group and trend it's progress
  • Various Audit Artifact Templates for clients who participate in SAS70 and SOX audits, such as Preliminary Evaluation, Risk Analysis, Test Plan, etc.
  • Internal Audit Documentation Checklist Template