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The StrikeCM Solutions Suite is a set of tools, templates, and methodology to perform advanced Change and Configuration Management (CM). CM is among the most underestimated and misunderstood development disciplines today, yet having this discipline in place avoids unplanned outages and pays the largest dividends in cost and time savings. Change and Configuration Management (CM) is the process of identifying and defining system components, controlling the change of these items throughout their lifecycle, identifying the status of each detailed item and change request, and then verifying the completeness and correctness of each component. CM manages changes made to hardware, software, and documentation through a series of controls to minimize risk during testing, deployment, rollback, and recovery. A StrikeCM certified organization effectively performs configurations and change management to world class standards.


  • Save up to 50% of operational overhead and system downtime
  • Reduce tool and licensing costs by up to 30%
  • Provide best practices and consistency across the Silo’s within your organization
  • Increase SAS70 and SOX compliance by 40%
  • Increase the productivity of QA and Development staff up to 30%
  • Provide the ability to reproduce a production environment from any point in time, reliably from a secured source

Example Case Studies:

  • Leading Global Communications Firm
  • Top 3 Financial Services Firm

How This is Achieved:

  • Configuration Management will allow a company to recover from an outage up to 50% faster, as the configuration data is version controlled and restored along with the applications. Change management increases the uptime to the business by managing the collective risk the business is exposed to at any one release window
  • Provisioning of QA, DEV and PROD environments is 80% faster
  • Project Risk management is improved by up to 50% through rapid provisioning
  • Alleviate the IT bottleneck within QA and Development staff as they can now be perform in parallel using multiple versions of the same system, and avoid code conflicts or reoccurring production defects
  • Segregation of Duties, Access Administration and Migration Integrity compliance is provided through clean matching and monitored environments, automated build environments and automated release and rollback procedures

The StrikeCM Solutions Suite Includes:

  • A methodology for organizational change and governance within the company to implement CM
  • A detailed security matrix to define segregation of duties within the enterprise IT environment
  • A comprehensive service level agreement (SLA) supporting the CM roles as a separate shared service
  • Migration procedures for safely migrating from an array of source control systems to recommended and secure consistent systems
  • Training materials for the development and configuration management staff in order to enforce consistent usage of the CM systems
  • A set of design tools and scripts for the automated management, building and provisioning of systems