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“70% of all firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year.” Price Waterhouse Coopers 2007. On average 10% of a company’s income can be lost when a data, system, or business disaster event occurs. The StrikeDR Solutions Suite identifies gaps in your information technology disaster recovery preparedness and provides recommendations to mitigate identified risks. The framework has been successfully implemented around the globe and has passed prior client SAS70 and SOX audits. StrikeDR enables a company’s management and board of directors the security of knowing their information technology disaster recovery plan truly limits the company’s losses and potential shareholder liability.


  • Gap analysis of the current technology recovery plan with specific recommendations for remediation
  • Validation that you are compliant to applicable disaster recovery regulatory requirements
  • Management and Board of Director confidence, after remediation of identified gaps that the company is prepared to manage the potential disaster service interruptions.
  • Ensuring your company will not lose market share, customer goodwill, or incur shareholder liability in a crisis scenario.
  • Each business process’s DR requirements are updated and validated for accuracy
  • Save $20,000 (US) or more per occurrence in potential data recovery fees related to failures in data storage solutions. It can cost a company over $20,000 in recovery fees if just one 1-Terabyte RAID 5 storage system fails. In many cases, not all of the data is recoverable.

Example Case Studies:

  • Top 5 Ecommerce Retailer
  • Top 3 Federal Telecommunications Company

How This is Achieved:

  • You provide a list of all business processes, an associated subject matter expert, and all current DR documentation, all of which is detailed in the Business Process Matrix and Gap Analysis form
  • Strike Force delivers a training workshop for you to become familiarized with disaster recovery taxonomy, the StrikeDR framework and roles/responsibilities
  • Each subject matter expert completes the Business Process and Technical Services form, with help from technical support if necessary, to provide the supporting technical services. IT populates the Technology Recovery form.
  • All data is compiled, summarized, and approved by company management to ensure accurate requirements have been gathered in the field
  • A gap analysis is performed on the existing DR plan vs. the updated solid requirements from the StrikeDR framework. Gaps and recommendations for remediation are then provided.

The StrikeDR Platform Includes:

  • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity taxonomy and methodology training materials
  • Business Process and Technical Services Form
  • Business Process Matrix and Gap Analysis Summary Form
  • Technology Recovery Summary Form
  • Strike Force’s cost, per gap, to remediate the identified vulnerabilities (if requested)