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The StrikeGlobal Solutions Suite is an enterprise globalization platform, enabling a company to increase its addressable market by up to 150% and speed to market by up to 75%. Globalization is the process by which a company transforms its products transformed (internationalized) in a manner where they will appear local in foreign commercial markets (localization). This includes the product adopting the local language, currency, date format, images, and business processes to enable it to be supported around the world. StrikeGlobal also includes the solutions and tools to globalize marketing and sales operations. Traditional globalization approaches create corporate replica-companies in each foreign market, resulting in escalating costs and more importantly delayed product launches when products and offerings are updated or add. By avoiding the traditional model, StrikeGlobal has increased speed to market and reduces cost by up to 75%.


  • Enable your product as local for over 250 national markets at 60X ROI
  • Increase gross revenues 100%, Increase speed to market by 75%
  • Reduces translation costs up to 95% due to a reuse engine
  • Be first to do business in foreign markets where your competition cannot yet effectively operate

Example Case Studies:

  • Top 3 Database Provider
  • Top 10 Manufacturing ERP Vendor

How This is Achieved:

  • Internationalization (I18n): Identification of the locale-specific elements such as language, date format, currency and pictures, and separating these from the code logic
  • Localization (L10n): Translating the now externalized locale specific elements into other languages such as Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, etc.
  • Globalization (G11n): Now that the product is acceptable for sale in other markets, support models must follow. StrikeGlobal automates the adjustment of customer service, professional services, documentation, training, pricing models, reports, marketing, vendor relationships and contracts to support a global marketplace.

The StrikeGlobal Platform Includes:

  • A Translation Memory (TM) framework for reusing previous translations
  • A network of translators for the languages of all commercial markets
  • Word Chaining Glossary Engine for consistency
  • WinLocX parser for extracting and replacing natural language from machine languages
  • A quality assurance process for measuring the quality of translation and layout