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The StrikeMon Solutions Suite is a set of tools and methodologies that assists in implementing the critical functions of your organization. These include automatically monitoring your systems 24x7x365 and alerting the appropriate resources to unauthorized or unexpected system changes or access. In most systems, developers as an afterthought design instrumentation, monitoring, alerts, thresholds, logs and diagnostic tools. Companies now realize that their systems are in maintenance mode most of the time. The lack of visibility to vital metrics is exceptionally expensive, in addition to increasing overall security risk. StrikeMon can assist in eliminating outages, slow downs, archive failures, security breaches, and other costly and disruptive surprises. A StrikeMon certified organization has direct and comprehensive guidance in the development of appropriate system alerts, monitoring tools, and other core maintenance tools. The result for the enterprise is up to a 50% decrease in overall resource support cost.


  • Eliminate up to 50% of operational time and cost losses due to outages
  • Diagnostic and recovery times increased up to 300%
  • Up to 50% increased uptime due to proactive alerts, plus less surprises
  • Automated monitoring tools and techniques decrease the number of administrators required to monitor a system by up to 50%
  • Improve QA and Development staff productivity by up to 20% (accurate diagnostics reduce wasted troubleshooting time)
  • Safely migrate new systems to production due to QA pre-monitoring activities
  • Demonstrate controls for compliance and audit requirements
  • Improve project management and customer experience with a logged track record of key performance indicators (KPI’s)

Example Case Studies:

  • Top 3 Financial Services Firm
  • Top 5 Ecommerce Retailer

How This is Achieved:

  • Create Subject Matter Expert Governance (SME Gov), proper support within the organization
  • Conduct a StrikeMon assessment of current systems, dependencies, and impacts
  • Define Strike Mon Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and their alert thresholds
  • Identify, assess and recommend StrikeMon plans for alert, recipients and acceptable responses
  • Define StrikeMon escalation model for non-responded alerts within acceptable times
  • Confirm StrikeMon SDLC addition to ensure continuing maintenance and version control

The StrikeMon Solutions Suite Includes:

  • A monitoring systems architecture and due diligence structure to ensure minimal disruption to the business and the right agent architecture and messaging solutions
  • Source code and monitoring solutions for integrated, intelligent, proactive monitoring including as appropriate self-healing recovery and inference engines for self-diagnostics
  • Development & QA standards which test for the presence thresholds and alerts throughout the SDLC
  • Documented checklist of possible monitoring, alerting thresholds, logs and diagnostic tools and techniques
  • Training on how to perform an assessment and identify areas of risk, with appropriate management recommendations