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The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the process of creating or altering systems and the end-to-end methodologies for developing these systems. The StrikeSDLC Solutions Suite is a framework for planning and controlling system creation and its development process. It encompasses how business systems analysts gather requirements, document them, and build test cases (StrikeAnalysis), how project managers manage the project, its budget and milestones (StrikeGov), how developers manage the development change and size it (the SDLC methodology), the testing of the system changes (StrikeTest), and the overall management of the changes and components (StrikeCM). StrikeSDLC also encompasses the information technology elements of SAS70 and SOX404 compliance (StrikeAudit). A StrikeSDLC certified organization can effectively handle the core Information technology trouble areas of compliance, project management, business analysis, testing, configuration management, and software development.


  • Decrease the total cost of system ownership by up to 75%
  • Generate up to 95% Improvement in organizational efficiencies
  • Ensure compliance is built in automatically for development/IT staff.
  • Improve project efficiency/ productivity by up to 85%
  • Decrease project development, testing and long term operational costs by up to 90% (based on IEEE standards of the cost of poor requirement remediation in later project stages)
  • Increase system uptime to 99.99%, (eliminate significant downtime and lost opportunity costs)
  • Reduce tool and licensing costs by up to 30%
  • Increase by 40% Information Technology compliance related SAS70 and SOX
  • Streamline the organization by providing effective & efficient software development practices

Example Case Studies:

  • Top 3 Financial Services Firm
  • Top 10 Manufacturing ERP Vendor

How This is Achieved:

  • StrikeSDLC provides proprietary building blocks for developing system changes. Embedded are key IT audit control points (e.g. segregation of duties, access administration, etc.) simplifying end-to-end IT compliance.
  • The test scenario generation system provides a comprehensive and automated method to produce a full set of test cases 95% faster than manually
  • Configuration Management allows a company to recover outages up to 50% faster because configuration data is version controlled and restored along with the applications
  • The automated testing framework can save an additional 80% of the cost and time of traditional testing
  • The scorecard reports the true cost of an initiative and the overall performance of a department

The StrikeSDLC Solutions Suite Includes:

  • Comprehensive Templates and Training for Core Practice Areas
  • Requirements Based Test Case Modeling, Defect Tracking, and Portfolio & Release Management Tools
  • Internal Audit Documentation Templates and Security Control Templates
  • 56 test types, impact assessments of system exposure areas, and testing methodology
  • Regression automation framework- low maintenance, non-record, and playback
  • Test execution system framework, including appropriate tool engine selection
  • Segregated, right-sized lab environments. Cloud options.
  • Overall project performance reporting and metrics, including all components
  • Templates for organizational change, software development practices, and project governance
  • Automated management of the building and provisioning of systems