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The StrikeSource Solutions Suite is a set of tools and methodology to assess and successfully implement the appropriate sourcing (shared services, in-sourcing, out-sourcing, off-shoring) model for a company’s functional areas. The assessment identifies in detail the functional areas of the company which are candidates for sourcing change. It then maps them to the correct approach, whether Shared Services, Out-Sourcing, In-Sourcing or Off-shoring. Changing the sourcing model within an organization, while avoiding unintended consequences, is a difficult strategy to execute. Many lessons have been learned on how to and how not to do it. Experienced companies consider the total cost of ownership rather than just a reduced hourly rate. The desired benefits do not always materialize as additional management overhead is incurred along with communication gaps and quality issues thereby diminishing anticipated cost savings. StrikeSource can certify an organization to confidently move through the muddy waters of selecting appropriate sourcing models and thereby providing the maximum return on investment for the enterprise.


  • Save up to 50% of operational time and cost
  • Increase productivity, consistency and throughput of work by up to 30%
  • Improve compliance levels due to segregation of duties and access controls by 20%
  • Focus the company on its core competencies
  • Benefit from economies of scale through centralization and standardization of resources and workflow processes

Example Case Studies:

  • Top 10 Manufacturing ERP Vendor
  • Leading Global Communications Firm

How This is Achieved:

  • A Subject Matter Expert Governance (SME Gov) is formed and properly supported within the organization
  • An accurate assessment of the functional areas within the company and their current associated costs
  • A return on investment financial model with the overall impacts of lowering the operational overhead of the business over time is produced
  • An organizational assessment and management recommendation on how the organizational transformation and change should be managed per area is produced
  • A migration plan is produced, including the appropriate prioritizations of when and how each functional area will transition to the new model

The StrikeSource Solutions Suite Includes:

  • A methodology and templates which include a breakdown of suggested functional areas
  • Technology architectures and solutions for remote workers including data access and data sanitization
  • Documentation of procedures for the training, migration, and measurement of the new sourcing models
  • Prescribed definitions and experience of what works well per each sourcing model
  • Service level agreement templates and process definitions of the handoff points and acceptance criteria between the sources
  • Templates for return on investment analysis and management recommendation
  • Training to guide you through the evaluation process