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The StrikeStaff Solutions Suite is a set of tools and methodology to evaluate the value of Staff within or being recruited by the organization. Staffing a technical project appropriately with the right people and structure from the CTO/CIO all the way down to the Network Administrators is a difficult task and often performed by non technical staff. StrikeStaff has the ability to professionally drill down to critical areas of functional expertise on the resume and provide on the spot, real world scenarios to test candidate’s problem solving abilities and knowledge in areas which are critical to the position. StrikeStaff helps you effectively source and staff extremely qualified technical resources and then combine them with the organizational culture to be successful.


  • Save up to 200% of operational time and cost losses from people misaligned with the organization
  • Decrease the cost of interviewing, screening, and locating “right-fit” candidates by 45%
  • Increase staff skill sets, productivity and retention of talent by hiring “right-fit” candidates upfront
  • Assurance that the company is right sized in terms of the number of staff and their abilities
  • Provide technology resource assessments for the IT track versus management track career pathing and training

Example Case Studies:

  • Top 10 Manufacturing ERP Vendor
  • Leading Global Communications Firm

How This is Achieved:

  • An accurate assessment of the functional areas and technical skills required within the company or within a specific project
  • A definition of the appropriate roles and skills needed to complete the assignment within the given time period
  • A quantified assessment and ranking of the candidates or current staff against the project or business requirements
  • Procedures for better reference and background checks
  • A clear on-boarding process inclusive of testing and training to ensure quick ramp-up and congruency with the team
  • Personality, IQ and Technical skills testing

The StrikeStaff Solution Suite Includes:

  • A methodology for appropriately identifying and assessing resources within the organization
  • A quantified scorecard for assessing the technical abilities of staff and their appropriateness for roles
  • Detailed technical role descriptions
  • Interview and screening questionnaires and techniques
  • Skills matrix management for appropriate assignment of resources for future projects
  • Training and management materials and standards in order to align the technical resources to the organization