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3.1 StrikeTest
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The StrikeTest Solutions Suite is an enterprise quality assurance platform, enabling a company to achieve up to 70% higher integrity and uptime levels from their systems and software solutions. As important, company systems can now deliver a higher quality experience to their end users. The organization can become Strike Force Certified for testing quality assurance and risk mitigation.


  • Increase system uptime to 99.99%, thus decreasing the cost of downtime and lost opportunity costs
  • Decrease total cost of system ownership up to 75%, including overall support and maintenance costs
  • Higher system and data integrity up to 99.99%
  • Assurance of positive customer experience and brand protection
  • Eliminate compliance risk and pass SAS70 audits 100%
  • Eliminate $43 Billion in opportunity risk

Example Case Studies:

  • FTSE 100 Internet and Banking Security Firm
  • Top 3 Database Provider

How This is Achieved:

  • The test scenario generation system provides a comprehensive and automated method to produce a full set of test cases 95% faster than manually. This exponentially increases the system test coverage and decreases the need to maintain test cases, by regenerating them when the application has changed in just a few minutes.
  • The automated testing framework can save an additional 80% of the cost and time of traditional testing methods through low maintenance test automation. The architecture of this framework supports major application changes without having to rewrite the majority of the test scripts. For example changing the operating system, interface, or underlying infrastructure, database, etc. The framework decreases the overall testing time, increases the productivity of the testing team, and ensures higher product quality.
  • Our defect tracker simplifies capturing and reporting on issues found in a software release, while empowering you to make educated decisions on which production risks you are willing to accept. The StrikeTest defect tracker supports both risk based and model based testing for a more comprehensive review of software quality.

The StrikeTest Platform Includes:

  • Testing methodology, inclusive of 56 test types, and impact assessments of system exposure areas
  • Risk mitigation techniques which can predict the remaining defects at the time of system release
  • A low maintenance, non-record and playback, regression automation framework to ensure the tests will survive changes to the application over time
  • A framework to design and build a test execution system, including the selection of appropriate tool engines
  • Right sized segregated lab environments and cloud options
  • A system to model and generate the testing scenarios
  • A defect tracking tool
  • A release management system
  • Traceability from requirements to individual test cases
  • The reporting and metrics to measure and manage the overall test coverage and resulting system quality