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Best SchoolsAndTeachers.Com
Fred R Catona

It is my pleasure to write this letter in regards to Mr. Walter O’Brien.. I am the founder of Radio Direct Response (RDR), one of America’s largest direct response marketing companies.. In the last four years, we have created over $5 billion dollars in value for clients like Priceline.com, Lycos, and Disney.

I have recently stepped aside from my responsibilities at RDR to launch the passion of my life, Best SchoolsAndTeachers.Com. This Internet driven company has the potential to change the American educational system forever for the better.

After an extensive search for a technology advisor, we chose Walter O’Brien. He was chosen due to his ability to relate both on the technical and business aspects of our enterprise. Walter has made his mark previously in the field of Enterprise Software Globalization, which is a key element in the efforts of American high-technology companies to enter and excel in overseas markets. More generally, he is an important figure in the Enterprise Resource Planning field, an astute and exceptionally talented professional whose efforts have already saved us a great deal of time and capital in the development of our company.

At present Walter is serving as the Chairman of our Technology Board and acting Chief Technology Officer. Walter is helping to oversee the development of our website and is assisting us in presentations to venture capital firms and other professional adjunct subcontractors. As we roll out on an international basis, his advice and counsel to us will be of critical importance.

Walter assists us on a regular basis to evaluate, translate, and formulate our strategic plans. It is important to for us to integrate our philosophy from the spoken and written word seamlessly into an Internet community that captures the intent and spirit of our mission. Walter has been an immense help in this function.

Walter is an essential part of our organization and we will support him in any way we can as he transitions into the American socio-economic culture. His contribution to the work of major companies in this country and abroad has been nothing short of remarkable, and we are indeed fortunate to have an individual of his stature at the head of our Technology Board.

Fred Catona
Founder and CEO