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ISOCOR Ireland
42-47, Lower Mount Street,
Dublin 2, Ireland.

To whom it may concern.

Walter O’Brien has during the course of his studies at the University of Sussex spent two extended periods of work experience at the company for which I work, ISOCOR, during summer vacations. He has also worked with us both inhouse and remotely to deliver a number of specific software projects. I would like to attest to the extremely high quality of Walter’s work and to his exceptional professional and personal attributes.

When Walter first worked with us, I was tasked with the setting up of a Localization Department. Walter was of immense assistance in setting up the environment necessary and putting procedures and tools in place. In addition, Walter lent his talents to a number of other projects: one of his most noticeable abilities is that of constantly identifying where he can best help out and showing great initiative and self management in getting the job done.

When Walter next came to work with us, he provided invaluable help in the co-writing and fine tuning of accounting applications which monitor the usage of our messaging infrastructure. This involved swiftly coming to grips with a number of new tools and technologies. Once again, Walter’s work was hallmarked with a perfectionist approach and the ability to manage his time and prioritise tasks, since other ISOCOR personnel were also making competing claims on his attention.

On a personal level, Walter is a bright, cheerful and helpful person who would be an asset to any team fortunate enough to attract him as a member. Coupled with his prodigious talent and qualifications in software development I have no hesitation in forecasting that he will go a long way in the software industry.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further clarification as regards Walter or his work with ISOCOR.


Tony Mulqueen,
Principal Writer (Marketing Communications).