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Vianna W. Quock
Vice President, Globalization Services
Uniscape, Inc.
To Whom It May Concern:
I have previously held a position at ORACLE for seven years as a localization project manager for ORACLE Applications division. I met Walter while working at ORACLE HP in Redwood Shores, Walter worked on Internal Localization tools for ORACLE Europe based in Dublin, Ireland. He had developed the HYPER project which achieved a 97% saving on a $60 Million PO with the Berlitz corporation. I worked with Walter for 1 week in which time he learned and implemented changes to HYPER so that it would also work with double-byte Asian data to be used in Asia-Pacific region.
Walter joined Uniscape Inc, a company founded by ex-ORACLE employees and worked on a commercial localization tool system, initially called Utopia and later renamed Global Xchange. I discussed extensively the initial architecture and designs of this system, particularly the localization process flow. Walter defined a generic system designed to deal with Help and Source code together leveraging glossaries from both and perfected methods of generation, classification and sorting to achieve the ultimate balance of quality, consistency and savings through reuse. Walter thought out of the box and as a result created new patentable ideas and functions to achieve these objectives.
In order to complete this task Walter showed a great depth of knowledge in Word, WordBasic Macro programming, File formats and both help RTF files and HTML formatted help. He coded at unparalleled speed and produced top quality code requiring little QA. When issues changed or new raw data raised a problem, Walter’s bug fix & turnaround time averaged approximately fifteen minutes! Many of the above discussions and whiteboard design talks ran late into the night but Walter never left until the current topic of discussion had been resolved by an algorithmic solution.
Walter proved to be mature beyond his years, he was polite, easy-going and a joy to work with. His work was always carried out with perfectionism and professionalism. Walter is a highly self-motivated individual who is always enthusiastic and passionate about his work. During the time he was working in Uniscape as a sales engineer, he has constantly received high praise from his peers and customers for his broad range of technical knowledge as well as in depth understanding of our products. As a sales engineer, Walter often has to participate in various meetings with our clients and he has always represented the company in a professional and friendly manger. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help other people. In return, he has earned great respect and appreciation from his colleagues and managers.
Finally I would strongly recommend Walter for any positions he is applying for. He will be a very valuable asset to any company. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Vianna W. Quock
Aug. 24, 1998