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To Whom This Concerns:

In 1964 The Toin Corporation, a Japanese localization vendor located in Tokyo, Japan was founded. Toin has been a vendor £or many prestigious customer such as Intel, Kenwood., Microsoft, NEC Corp., Sun Microsystems, Hitachi, Toshiba, NTI', Motorola and Ericsson.

Walter O’Brien has helped TOIN, a single language vendor in the Japanese localization industry, build its strategic alliance with other localization vendors in the world and hence gave us an international presence in the market place. At the same time, he was also responsible for helping us win certain contracts in this industry.

The following is a summary of what Walter achieved for us in the last year:

a) General Strategy Advice on the Market and issues of breaking into a US Market.

b) Introducing the company, with his personal backing to quote on B2B giants contracts like Cornmerceone.

c) Providing and executing text engineering contracts for a Fujitsu subsidiary.

d) Locating, researching and qualifying through personal meetings and contacts European companies compatible in size, revenue and mindset to partner with Toin Corp. Facilitating formal introductions of the companies on both sides.

e) Introduction to meet with Star+Globe technologies Pte. CEO and Founder Virginia Cha.

As you can clearly sec from the above points, not only has Walter been able to provide us with insights to our companies global marketing strategy but he also has brought his personal contacts from his wide span of influence to help and assist the company.

With this in mind, I would highly recommend Walter to not only a technology organization but to any company that is trying to grow its foothold in the competitive international market.


Sunil Sadhwani
Director of Localization
The Toin Corporation