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August 22, 1998

'To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing this letter to covey my professional observances regarding Walter O’Brien’s work performance as a Systems Engineer and as a member of the sales team at Uniscape, lne.

Walter has demonstrated an in-depth technical systems knowledge across a wide number of computer system subjects. This knowledge, in part, includes the Client/Server market including the Globalization requirements for complex systems. In addition Walter is a self starter, highly motivated and adaptable to a rapidly changing environment.

Walter’s role was that of the “technical expert”, preparing presentations, screen cams, proposals, systems analysis, setting up and executing live demonstrations with customers’ system/files and other technical support functions.

Walter has been able to establish strong and respected relationships with customer technical staff and solving their system problems through his technical knowledge. In lengthy and detailed presentations, he was able to effectively present new ideas and challenge contrary view convincingly and effectively.

Walter tasks included supporting five experienced sales executives in a quick paced environment. Walter had established an excellent working relationships in a demanding and rapidly changing atmosphere. The need to work long and erratic hours was necessary to complete many projects at the same time in a short period of time. Walter’s skills were appreciated by all members of the sales team.

The company’s market included a wide span of customers from start ups to Fortune 100 companies. Specific companies that Walter established strong relationships include Seagate Software, Cisco Systems, General Electric, SAS Institute and many others.

Walter has a unique capability to develop a strong level of confidence with both Clients and fellow team members. Walter is able to communicate in all levels of the customer staff from the Chief Executive level to the projects system engineers.

I highly recommend Walter O’Brien for a sales Systems Engineering position including positions where direct customer support and relationship building are important. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions. I can be reached at my home 650-323-0839 or my office at 650-596-1430 x241.


Robert Leaf
Account Executive.