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First Impressions

Strike Force Solutions is needed when failure’s not an option for your company, they will do whatever it takes to succeed

Strike Force Solutions came in, put out the IT fires, found out how they got started and put in the sprinkler system and fire extinguishers to stop it happening again

Strike Force Solutions has a depth of understanding that spans from the boardroom to the bytes in the data center

Strike Force Solutions provides what you really needed rather than what you may have initially thought you needed

Strike Force Solutions team members are like the NBA All-Star team of the IT industry

Strike Force Solutions have become our trusted advisor for all strategic IT decisions because now more than ever "the right advice" matters

Whether you engage in “Lock down” with Strike Force Solutions or observe them performing the rapid due diligence 240 point inspection you will very quickly see that they are the genuine article, authentic master problem solvers

Use Strike Force Solutions to find out the truth about the circumstances of your projects, stop the IT extortion and finally know where you stand with your vendors and developers

When it came to our audits Strike Force Solutions acted as our IT defense attorney and avoided many potential exceptions and manager comments from blemishing our report

We hired Strike Force Solutions as soon as we realized that we’d been losing millions in our IT decisions by not hiring them. They helped us re-architect software that was originally designed like a 40 story building with a 3 story foundation. They put a governance process in place that ensured that we were focused on the right projects, knew the true cost of ownership for them and thus could prioritize according to the true return on investment

"Walter could be the next Bill Gates!" - The Standard 1996.

"Walter is the 6th fastest programmer in the world!" - Hanne Stedfe, 1996.

"Walter - First in Ireland again (Number one problem solver for three consecutive years)" - The Acorn 1995.
"There is no company that respects, harness's and focuses intelligence like Strike Force Solutions, this network of prodigies turns a High Risk/High Reward Venture into a Negligible Risk/Even Higher Reward Venture" - Dexter Williams, CEO of Viper Inc.

"Walter's first public presentation of the WinLocX project was absolutely Mind-Blowing, it was like a decade of new inventions revealed in an hour." - Cognitive Sciences PHd student, Sussex 1996.

"He wasn't deterred by mere mathematical impossibility, he persisted and finally developed a design which provided the world's first working prototype." - Carmel Hayes, Kilkenny People Newspaper 1996.

"Walter leads Irish "Brain" team" - Echo Newspaper 1993.