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GLOVIA INTERNATIONAL - A Joint Venture Between MDIS and Fujitsu

Walter O'Brien, Professional Reference

I had the pleasure of working with Walter during my role as Vice President of Development and Technology at GLOVIA International, LLC, during parts of 1998/1999. I brought Walter aboard as Director of Global Release Engineering. In this capacity, he built QA, Technical Documentation and Release Engineering.

The GLOVIA product at that time was an ERP product for the Make-To-Order/Engineer-To-Order Manufacturing space, with close to 10,000 screens, based on around 4000 database tables, marketed in all the regions: Asia, Europe and the Americas. It had been translated by local offices/distributors with widely varying completeness and quality. There was also no standard or repository for all local efforts. It was Walter's responsibility to coordinate with all of GLOVIA's regional offices and begin the complex process of standardizing all translation and localization efforts. Walter's knowledge of this space is encyclopedic and he was able to accomplish this substantial task well ahead of my expectations. He also proved extremely savvy working with mentalities ranging from Japan to Germany. He quickly built an organization that was well respected within GLOVIA's organizations worldwide and its affiliates. He hired a very gifted team lead to execute the tasks at hand, while managing his budget to the point.

Walter has impressed me first with his ability to present, while still at Uniscape. Coupled with his extraordinary knowledge of the complex space of internationalization he was able to work well with customers and partners. He has a good sense of technology and high professional integrity. All these traits, I did not expect in a person of his age.

I enjoyed very much working with Walter and believe he has much potential left to go. I am disappointed to not having the required internationalization challenges in my current position to bring Walter aboard - the moment that situation changes, I will surely attempt to work with Walter again.

Kai Mildenberger
Chief Technology Officer
January, 2000

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