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TO: Whom it may Concern

FROM: Steven Messino (Co-founder of Sun Microsystems)
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

SUBJECT: Recommendation for Walter O’Brien

It is very seldom in my career I encounter a person who has such a wide array of natural born talents critical to their success in the Computer Industry. Walter has that unique ability to not only strategically design intensely complex software applications, but the gift of explain the design in such a clear and concise fashion that an audience consisting of Chief Technology Officers and Secretaries would both understand the message at their own level.

In my 12 years of Sales Management I have never encountered a technical contributor like Walter; who in the event of a corporate downsizing, he would be the last member of the Sales Organization I would terminate. At Uniscape he has single handedly leveraged the entire growth of the Software Product Line. His value to the firm far exceeds any other member of the field organization.

Walter’s diverse talents make him a critical asset to any organization. I would seriously consider hiring Walter in positions as diverse, Engineering Design & Management, Product Management, Evangelist, System’s Engineer and even as a Technical Sales Account Manager. If you choose to bring Walter into your organization, your mutual success is guaranteed!

Steven Messino